Is Distance Learning right for me?

The following is a self-administered, self-scored tool to help you decide if distance learning courses are right for you.  Distance learning courses are ideal for some students because they provide opportunities for student who cannot participate in traditionally scheduled class at the college.

Distance learning courses can be fun, exciting, challenging, convenient and enriching.  However, distance learning courses are not for everyone.  Distance learning courses are not an easy way to earn credits.  Actually, succeeding in distance learning courses requires a high degree of self-motivation, self-discipline and independence.  Before deciding to enroll in a distance learning course, please take this self-test to help you decide how well distance learning courses fit your circumstance and characteristics.

To use the check list simply indicate "Yes" or "No" to each of the statements below.  There are no "right" or "wrong" answers so be as honest with yourself as you can and then use the feedback below to decide if a distance course is for you.

Please answer all 30 questions


I am able to work independently. Yes No


I am self-motivated. Yes No


I am a self-starter. Yes No


I am a good "time manager". Yes No
5 I am an organized person - I can structure my time easily for tasks. Yes No
6 I am capable of self-discipline. Yes No
7 I have good study habits. Yes No
8 I can capably take objective exams. Yes No
9 I can capably read for comprehension. Yes No
10 I can capably prepare and study for exams. Yes No
11 I can capably take subjective exams. Yes No
12 I can capably take notes from lectures, textbooks or television programs. Yes No
13 I could easily call an instructor with questions about my course. Yes No
14 I have unlimited access to a computer that is connected to the Internet. Yes No
15 I am comfortable asking questions in class when I need clarification. Yes No
16 I am goal directed - if I set my sights on an end result, I usually achieve it. Yes No
17 I am able to gather information visually. Yes No
18 I am not a procrastinator - I like to get things done today, not put them off for tomorrow. Yes No
19 I consider myself capable of independent learning - I do not necessarily need regular contact with a faculty member. Yes No
20 I am in control of my time - I decide how to use my time. Yes No
21 I am confident of my academic abilities. Yes No
22 I consider myself a mature adult. Yes No
23 I do not give up easily, even when confronted with obstacles. Yes No
24 I believe I am responsible for my own education - what I learn or do not learn is ultimately my responsibility. Yes No
25 I consider myself an average reader. Yes No
26 I am capable of doing college-level work. Yes No
27 I can allocate five hours each week for each distance learning course. Yes No
28 I have a clear understanding of how to use an Internet browser to retrieve information. Yes No
29 I have experience in surfing the Internet to find information. Yes No
30 I understand that distance learning courses require more of my time than traditional courses. Yes No